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High Authority PR9 Backlinks: The Most Powerful Inbound links You’ve Never Heard Of
There is a lot of mythology surrounding Page rank, especially if you’re new to SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.
Let’s start with a brief guide on what PageRank (PR) is.
PageRank is an internal Search engine metric that determines the actual authority of a website.
Google and Yahoo calculate PageRank on a range from 1 to 10, with PR1 being the cheapest and PR10 being the greatest. Most sites on the top tier are PR8 or even PR9, as PR10 is extremely elusive.
Backlinks through sites with a high Pr juice are more powerful. This resulted in a lot of SEOs measuring the site’s value solely depending on PageRank.
…so why do not you hear about PageRank constantly right now?
Google stopped assisting it a few years ago.
Therefore Google still uses Authority internally, but they don’t statement it to SEOs. You cannot view PageRank using a Yahoo tool like you used to be in a position to.
(But if you’re devoted, you can calculate it yourself. )
The SEO globe scrambled to create a replacement… that ended up being Moz’s Domain Expert (DA).


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